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m-Indicator is award winning Public Transport App of India.

It provides women safety during transport.

Indian Railways offline Timetable.

Maharashtra State Transport Offline Bus Timetable.

Local Public Transport Information of following cities.

• Mumbai
• Pune
• Delhi

• Mumbai

  • Central,Western,Harbour Virar-Dahanu Shuttle, Diva-Roha, Neral-Matheran, Mono, Metro
  • Along with starting train platform no. at Borivali & Virar & Kalyan
  • Platform numbers & Door position
  • Less crowded trains indication at Borivali & other stations during peak hours
  • Train Chat for exchanging train delay, cancellation, platform change information
  • A to B : Find connected routes (changing line routes) & Plan the journey
  • Station Map
  • Nearby places in Mumbai

m indicator apk download

  • 1st Class & 2nd Class fares: Ticket, Monthly Pass, Quarterly Pass
  • Get route by bus number
  • Bus Timings
  • Get buses arriving at particular bus stop
  • Search buses between source and destination / Connected routes

• Pune

  • Pune – Lonavala Local Train
  • Natak Listing
  • Jobs

• Offline Indian Railways Timetable

  • PNR, 120 days Seat availability, Station Alarm, Hotel Search, Packing Checklist, Hotel Search, Railway Complaints, Coach Position, Coach Layout, Running Status

• Auto and Taxi fares, Uber & Ola Cabs availability & prices & Booking

• Classifieds section

  • Jobs & Properties from Mumbai

• Natak

  • Get daily schedule of Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi Natak (Drama)

• News

  • Get Railway Megablocks on Sundays. Travel News.

• Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • Casualty Hospitals, Medical Financial Help (Trusts), Ambulances, Blood Banks, Railway, Air Lines, Fire Brigade, Electricity Issue, Crains Services, Roadway Enquiries, Tourist Enquiries, Imp Medical Messages, Ambulance

• Picnic Spots

  • Get category wise list of picnic spots e.g. beaches, Hill stations, Waterfalls, Caves, Forts, Farmhouse, Resorts, Lakes
  • Get distance wise list of various weekend picnic spots nearby Mumbai.
  • Watch pics , read description and other information about spot
  • Get updated list of MTDC approved budget hotels of all over Maharashtra

• Women Safety

  • Unique woman safety app . It doesn’t require GPS or Internet.
  • It also sends automatic alert SMS.

• Mumbai Police

  • Police Station Jurisdiction Identifier

• Permissions
An explanation of the permissions we seek when you install the m-Indicator app:

  1. Location: We use fine and Coarse Location for the Cabs feature in which you can easily compare the prices from Well-known Cab Services such as Uber & Ola.
  2. Call Log: We use this for identifying relative’s Mobile Number in Women Safety feature.
  3. Send SMS: We use this permission to automatically send Text Messages to the Relatives in Women Safety feature.
  4. Receive SMS: We need this permission to read PNR SMS.
  5. Storage: In Express Section, user can save and share the screenshot of Running Status, Seat Availability and Coach Position.

-Indicator is an award-winning Indian public transport app that provides users with all the latest information on routes, train timetables, bus schedules and more. The app is available in several Indian cities including Mumbai, Pune and Delhi and has updated train schedules that can be downloaded for offline viewing. It especially offers a comprehensive look at Mumbai’s railway lines including Central, Western, Harbour, Nerul-Matheran, Metro lines and more. You can even check platform numbers for each train and find out which local is relatively less crowded at peak hours. M-Indicator apk makes it easy to check for delays and cancellations too and plan your journey accordingly. Additionally, it offers crucial information on several available bus routes along with timings and details of scheduled buses at each stop. It’s a completely free service with a clean, user-friendly interface and reliable schedules.

Major features worth noting are:

Highly reliable public transport app
Available in several Indian cities including Mumbai, Pune and Delhi
Offers a comprehensive look at Mumbai’s railway lines, connected train routes, schedules, timings and more
Easy to check for cancellations and delays
Completely free to use
Bus routes and updated schedules available
Easy to check for relatively less crowded trains at peak hour
User-friendly, simple interface

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